Skincare is a Good Investment

We will be kicking off our next Meet Up, focused on Skincare, on April 30, from 3 PM to 7:30 PM at the Carnegie Center in the New Kingston Shopping Center!

Why should you come? Let’s list the reasons why.

New Product Launch

Ettenio, our main Sponsor this time around, will be launching a brand new skin care item for people with dry skin, sensitive skin conditions and babies! So you know there will be all kinds of all natural goodness going on and giving away!

There will be Massages!

Our good friend and professional massage therapist, Simone Burke,  will be in the house to soothe your aches and give you professional advice on how the keep stress at bay with massage.

Healthy Eating

We are getting Live Food Lifestyle all the way from St. Ann to come and share their delectable vegetarian food with you as well as Fruiti Smoothies from our last Meet Up. Between them both, you will be filled with healing food and drink.

A Panel Discussion you won’t want to miss!

We will be having a panel discussion with Vivianna Grant from Hair Therapy for Jamaica, Monique Allen from Green Leaf in Calabash and Antoinette Davis, the CEO of Ettenio. We will be taking your questions directly so that YOU can get the most information out of the Meet Up that you can. After all, your skincare is our main concern.

The Face Bar to end all Face Bars

We will have a seven-seat Face Bar provided by Ettenio at the Meet Up so everyone can get their facial and personalised skin regimens right there. If you buy any three Ettenio products you will also get a free makeover from a professional makeup artist.

Amazing Local Vendors

Hair Skin Love will continue to look for and promote grassroots vendors that need exposure. We also make sure that our vendors have a positive impact on society. They are the small businesses that provide the natural, preservative free, organic, good-for-you, goods and services.

Last but not Least

Let’s not forget the packed and running over goody bags and all the prizes we will be giving away!


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