About Us

Who are we?

Hair Skin Love Jamaica
Georgina and Joni

Hi! I’m Joni.

Heeeey! I’m Georgina.

Together we make up Hair Skin Love Jamaica. We are hair and skin care gurus with over 4 years of experience and a love for helping others achieve their health goals. We know that how your hair and skin looks affects how you feel and how you interact with the world. We know this because it is the same for us. In Jamaica, we find that ladies and men don’t usually make hair and skin decisions based on their health, their background or their lifestyle. Because we don’t have this knowledge we approach our hair and skin with a ‘try a ting’ attitude – try it and hope it goes well. Due to this approach, you have many individuals suffering from traction alopecia, over processing, double and triple processing, relaxer burns, aggressive acne, blemishes, severe skin discolouration, severe hair loss and excessive breakage. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are here to save Jamaica from these pitfalls in hair and skin care by:

1) Educating individuals on how to take care of their hair and skin based on their particular needs – no two persons are the same, no two regimens are the same.

2) Providing healthy hair and skin services – We do protective and low manipulation styles and all the products we use in our service are 100% natural. Check out the hair care brand we use – Ettenio.

3) Being guides on healthy hair and/or skin journeys.

The Team


G has been back and forth natural and relaxed for quite some time now and has settled on natural (for now). She has sensitive, combination skin and a hair pattern that til this day has not been fully identified.


J has been natural her whole life but started her healthy hair journey in 2011. She has cut of more than 12 inches of hair at one time in search of healthy hair so she too knows of the Big Chop fear. She has a combination of normal and oily skin and struggles to drink more water.


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