How We Work

Service and Education

We focus on teaching our clients the skills we have learned over the years so they can take better care of their hair and skin. Through this system of education we fill a gap in Jamaican society as women and men will be able to make judgments based on a fuller understanding of what their hair and skin needs and responds to.

Countless times we have met persons who do not know what curl pattern they have or what their skin type is. They are stuck in a rut of myths, misconceptions and lies; going from one salon, stylist, doctor or spa to the other. None of these places addresses their life style, diet or their genetics however.

We provide a comprehensive regimen based on you- your specific life situations, goals and background.

How we Work

  1. Every service begins with a detailed consultation. We want to know how you live, your background, what products you use and what are your goals.
  2. We create a regimen based on your unique needs and goals.
  3. We provide you with a list of recommended services and products, all of which comes with hands on training so you can do them in the future.
  4. You choose which services and products you want and when.
  5. We come to you to deliver the services you chose. Wherever you are.

You live abroad?

Currently the only service we provide for oversees clients are consultations. Who knows where we will go in the future though. 🙂



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