Styles We Offer

At HSL Jamaica we offer a wide range of styles.

Protective and Low maintenance styles for all types of hair are the main styles we offer. Example:

  • Wash and Go’s $1500
  • Pin and tucks $1500
  • Crochet Braids  (Starting at $3900)
  • Twists (Starting at $2000)
  • Twist Outs (Starting at $2000)
  • Flexi Rod Sets (Starting at $2000)
  • Cold Wave Rod Sets (Starting at $2000)
  • Cane Row (Price depends on style requested/negotiable)
  • Flat twists (Price depends on style requested/negotiable)
  • Plaits (Starting at $2000)
  • Flat Ironing (Starting at $2500)
  • Colour $3500

“Starting at”: Price will go up depending on length of hair.

Please note that the style pricing is stand alone and do not include cleanses or treatments. See Services for package prices.


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